The core that we call the heart of the transformers is made of silicon steel with atoms oriented. The process of assembling the core and the winding until the last moment of production is called assembly. Timsan works with a goldsmith meticulousness in transformer assembly and maintains the quality of the product in these most critical processes of production.


Timsan conducts all routine tests and some type tests in its ISO 17025 accredited laboratories. Transformers are tested at international test centers at regular intervals.

Routine Tests

  • Measurement of winding resistances.
  • Measuring the turn ratio.
  • Checking polarity or connection group.
  • Measurement of short-circuit (UK) and load losses.
  • Measurement of core losses and current.
  • Inducted voltage test.
  • Measuring the insulation resistances.

Type Tests

  • Temperature rise for liquid-Immersed transformers.
  • Determination of sound levels.
  • Requirements and test concerning pressurized corrugated tanks.

Oil Test

  • Insulating liquids-determination of breakdown voltage of power frequency.(9)
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