Cast Resin Dry Type Transformers

We manufacture Cast Resin Dry Type Transformers from 25 kVA up to 10.000 KVA up to 36 kV voltage class. Cast Resin Transformers are a cost-effective and convenient alternative to traditional high voltage Oil Immersed Power and Distribution Transformers. Cast Resin Transformers can be manufactured with AN and AF cooling methods. AF cooling method increases Transformer’s capacity and performance up to %30-%40. Cast Resin Dry Type Transformers are manufactured according to International Standards. Each Transformer is tested carefully in TİMSAN TRANSFORMER’s accredited test laboratory. These tests are applied according to international standards.


Advantages of Cast Resin Dry Type Transformers



Low Operational Expenses

Maximum Safety

High Performance

Low-cost Service

Environment Friendly

Low Operating Cost

Maintenance Free