About Us

As a leading company operating in the energy sector, TİMSAN Transformer, which constantly develops innovative solutions and responds to the needs in the sector, was established in 2001 by a team with many years of professional experience and has a dynamic and well-established organization with the contribution of new young professionals and expert staff.

In 2017, with the renewal process it started, it has a modern production and management model. In 2020, Timsan grew even more with its new factory, where it moved the production of tank and dry-type transformers. Timsan specializes in the design, production and R&D studies of high quality transformers used in energy transmission and distribution systems. With our customer-oriented approach and the importance we attach to continuous technological innovations, we maintain our leading position in the sector.

Today, Timsan operating in Malatya 1st Organized Industrial Zone, has become one of the most important transformer manufacturers in Turkey with its advanced infrastructure and powerful production line. Exporting to more than 75 countries from Kazakhstan to South America, Timsan exports 99% of its production.

Timsan is a manufacturer that has proven its quality in the international arena with its internationally valid certifi cates and references required in transformer production. Timsan, which has an internationally recognized laboratory accredited by ISO 17025, procures all inputs and raw materials used in transformer production from world-renowned domestic and foreign manufacturers and puts the principle of sustainability and customer satisfaction at the center of its activities. With the vision of maintaining its leadership in the energy sector in the future, Timsan will continue to offer its customers higher quality, more reliable methods, effi cient and environmentally friendly products.

Timsan has succeeded in making Timsan a world brand with all its managers and employees, who understand the expectations of our customers in transformers and have the ability to grasp the spirit of their work. We feel and share this excitement together

About Us