Win Eurasia 2021 Hybrid Istanbul Fair

Win Eurasia 2021 Hybrid Istanbul Fair was held between 10-13 November 2021 at Istanbul - Beylikdüzü Tüyap Fair Center.The fair, where a total of 467 participants from 11 countries introduced their industrial products, was extremely productive despite the pandemic conditions.


Timsan Transformer took place at Hall 7, Booth C110.At the stand, which was the focus of attention of the visitors, the presentation of dry type transformers, which started production this year, and new high-tech investments were included.


Visitors from the Middle East and African countries to the Timsan stand were very interested. Apricots, a local product of Malatya, were offered to our visitors.It was almost as if the last point of industrial production was revealed. Robots, laser cutting machines and automation systems opened new horizons for visitors.


Timsan Transformer's high-quality and high-tech transformers were presented to the taste of many new visitors at this fair, and new orders were placed.

Of course, the company representatives that we work with and whose voices we are familiar with over the phone were very happy to visit our booth and meet face to face.

It was stated by our visitors at the fair that Timsan sales representatives "visit their customers in their country and offices whenever they have the opportunity and do not hesitate to spend time on this".In a way, they also made their return visit by visiting our booth.


Visitors who saw and listened to Timsan Transformer's investments that increased the production quality despite the pandemic were excited.New welding robot arms, new laser cutting machines, fast wave wall machine assembly, high-tech fully automatic paint band were high-tech production investments that joined the factory a short time ago and increased the quality and speed of transformer production.

We have completed our fair to participate again next year

Win Eurasia 2021 Hybrid Istanbul Fair