Addis Build Exhibition 4-7 October Ethiopia

Ethiopia is an important and high population country in Africa. In last years, Ethiopian government has invested in many different areas. Especially, electricity is a big problem in Ethiopia.

 Timsan was in Ethiopia capital city Addis Ababa to share their high quality transformers. Many visitors came to see our quality and they were interested in our transformers.
 Our Export Manager, Mustafa Tahir KINACI and Project Manager, Ramazan TOSUN represented Timsan transformer. They have many different views about Ethiopia. Generally, many times in a day they had seen power cuts. It means that Ethiopia still needs more investment to electricity.
 Timsan invites all importers from Ethiopia to share Timsan brand quality. Unfortunately, Ethiopian government enforces import restrictions for transformers. Nevertheless, Ethiopian importers are interested in our goods.
 Thanks again and again for all visitors. Ethiopian people are peaceful and warm blooded. We hope that again we will be in Ethiopia for the near future.
Addis Build Exhibition 4-7 October Ethiopia